Updated 11/26/23 @ 10:36pm ET: Swifties will be wearing their clown makeup to bed. There was no announcement during the show despite what we all thought.

Fans are buzzing with anticipation and crafting numerous theories surrounding Taylor Swift’s potential announcement of “Reputation (Taylor’s Version)” this weekend. The most prominent theory suggests she might surprise us with a performance of the unreleased track “I Did Something Bad,” as she has one remaining song from the album to showcase.

Adding to the intrigue is the alignment with Black Friday (November 24th), a significant shopping holiday in the United States. Given the album’s theme color of black, speculations are running wild about the potential impact on pre-orders.

But wait, there’s more! Swifties are drawomg connections to her past pattern before the “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” announcement, where she increased her song performances in the lead-up. Additionally, eagle-eyed fans noticed her website’s Black Friday sale announcement, adorned with black and white designs reminiscent of “Reputation’s” color scheme.

Delving into song lyrics, the last performance of “So It Goes” from “Reputation” contains intriguing phrases like “and all the pieces fall right into place” and “come here, dressed in black now,” creating a sense of irony considering the album’s color theme.

During the performance, Swift winked while singing lines like “you know I’m not a bad girl…”—curiously, “I Did Something Bad” remains the sole unperformed song from the album.

Adding fuel to the speculation fire, Netflix revealed that Swift’s “Reputation” concert special will be leaving the platform on December 30, 2023. Swift’s recent Instagram post featuring a plane flying over a stadium harks back to the iconic imagery from the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video.

And let’s not overlook the symbolism in the “Karma” music video—pay close attention to the coffee cup, where the blue nail (representing “1989”) is on 10, and the black nail (“Reputation”) is on 2.

Could this weekend mark the “Reputation (Taylor’s Version)” announcement during her last shows of the year and this leg? Some fans speculate a February release for the album. The question remains: When do you think we’ll finally get “Reputation (Taylor’s Version)”?

When do you think we are getting “Reputation (Taylor’s version)?”