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Backstreet’s Back at the Beach! An Introduction to our Event Host: JW

The inaugural Backstreet’s Back at the Beach, Cancun event has officially ended and we are all dealing with that post concert/event depression as we head back to reality. Among the events were several activities with members of the group, usually MCed by someone previously unknown to many of us. JW Halliford commanded the stage from day 1 and wowed the crowd with his charisma, wit, humor, and high energy. Despite being alongside the legendary Backstreet Boys at a Backstreet Fan Event, he shone as the Host and MC for most of the activities.



Review: Children’s Show Bluey Surprisingly Entertaining for all ages

Bluey, the lovable Blue Heeler pup, is back with a fresh set of adventures on Disney+, and it's safe to say the magic continues! Our household recently embarked on a binge-watching journey of the latest Bluey episodes, and the consensus is clear – it's a bundle of joy for kids and a nostalgic treat for parents.





Family Adventures in Tahiti Village, Las Vegas

Embarking on our family escapade to Tahiti Village Resort, we were drawn in by the promise of a tropical haven amidst the glitz of Las Vegas. However, as we delved into our experience, we encountered both delights and drawbacks worth sharing, perhjaps owed in large part to choosing the off season for our travel.