The holiday season is one of our favorite times of year! From decorations, charitable gifts, and holiday music, there is so much to enjoy!  

Over the years, holiday music has become a staple in our society. Many of the classics have been covered over and over again and have become ICONIC in our holiday routines. With so many to choose from, we have some favorite versions to share!

Read on for the best versions of well-known Holiday songs to listen to during the season. Today’s post: Top 10 Classic Covers by Modern Artists

Happy Christmas (War is Over): Celine Dion

Happy Christmas (Cancer’s Over): Nick Carter and Kyle Khou

This bonus “Cancer’s Over” version was released just this year to benefit a charity called “Cure 4 the Kids” which funds cancer treatment for pediatric patients. Every listen earns the organization some money, so be sure to check this one out!

O Holy Night: 98 Degrees

There are a million versions of this song out there, but this late 90’s version is hands down my favorite. I still get chills and tear up just hearing this version.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus: Amy Winehouse

With a unique sound like Amy Winehouse, it is really hard to forget any of her music. This one is no different.

Mary Did You Know: Pentatonix

This song was originally released by a Christian artist, Michael English, in 1991. Pentatonic puts their acapella spin on it and creates such a beautiful version that has to be shared.

Last Christmas: Backstreet Boys

This song was made famous by Wham! Released in 1986, it is surprising how few covers there have been. This Backstreet Boys version has to be celebrated and was even praised by George Michael’s estate when it was released.

Santa Baby: Kelly Clarkson

This is such a playful song, but add Kelly Clarkson’s outstanding vocals to the mix and it is undeniably a hit.

Run Rudolph Run: Foo Fighters

The Chuck Berry original from 1958 is taken in a rock direction with this Foo Fighters cover.

This Christmas: John Legend

Originally written with Nat King Cole in mind, it was actually released by Donny Hathaway in 1970.

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree: Leanne Rimes

Brenda Lee, the original artist on this iconic song, was only 13 years old when it was first recorded in 1958.

Auld Lang Syne: Ingrid Michaelson

This song is more of a New Year’s Eve classic, and Ingrid Michaelson, one of the most underrated artists of our time, brings a hauntingly beautiful sound to this new years celebration.

Honorable Mentions:

Same Old Lang Syne: Backstreet Boys

This Dan Fogelberg original is much less known than it should be. The BSB version adds some phenomenal hormones to an already brilliant song.

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch: CeeLo Green

Originally used for the 1966 Dr. Suess movie, CeeLo Green’s unique sound brings a whole new spin to this one.

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas: Meghan Trainor

Hugely popular in the 1950’s owed in part to Bing Crosby and Perry Como, this one has been used in countless Christmas movies and even on Broadway.