While most college students tend to lack the ambition or focus toward a particular career, five gentlemen dressed in coordinated outfits are out on the road proving that even college students are capable of pursuing their dream job as a musician. In fact, a lot of great musicians started at the same school as the Click Five. Diana Krall, Paula Cole, Quincy Jones, John Mayer are just a few names that shared the same experience. So, it is no surprise that Boston’s Berklee College of Music has once again produced another successful act to take over the scene. To my discovery, the band comes off as greater than life icons through their similar appearance to the Beatles as they are performing on stage. However, as soon as the uniforms come off, the band transforms into five down to earth guys who simply share a love for rock n roll.

TMF: In 60 seconds, give us your E! True Hollywood Story – a small bio about your band.
CF Ethan: Here it is quick and dirty. Four of us went to college together in Boston at Berklee College of Music. And, we met there and lived in a house together. That house happens to be called Imrie House. We named it that. It is where the title of our first record comes from – Greetings from Imrie House. The missing link to the band was the fifth person which was Eric. He is a hometown friend of Joey, the drummer so we transplanted him to Boston to sing in the band. We worked really hard and got a residency in Boston at a rock club in Boston – played every week. We got the attention of our producer, Mike Denneen and the radio station KISS 108, which helped us out by putting us on a couple of big shows. Later, signed with Lava Records. We made a record this past fall and winter or last fall and winter 2004. Went on tour with Ashlee Simpson in the spring. Did some dates with some other big people. And, here we are now with the Backstreet Boys.

TMF: So you guys were together in college, any crazy stories to share about the college experience?
CF Joe: Oh, there’s a couple. I don’t really remember them. (laughs)
CF Ethan: Our keyboard player, Ben, loved to throw parties in our house. He would drive himself crazy by staying up for like three days in a row to throw a good party. We were all crazy staying up all night, things like that. We had cookies, soda, movies, and popcorn while we stayed up all night long. One time, we even got really crazy and painted the whole house red, bright red…
CF Ben: (enters the room with his laptop) We stayed up for three days-
CF Ethan: Already mentioned that, Ben. We painted a giant Who symbol, you know the Who symbol which is the Royal Airport symbol? We painted that on the wall. It was like 6 ft in diameter.
TMF: Just out of boredom?
CF Ethan:
 Nah, out of Rock’n’Roll spirit.

TMF: Do you share any musical tastes with your parents??CF Ethan: Joe, you wanna go first?
CF Joe:
 I liked pretty much everything my parents liked.
TMF: Which bands?
CF Joe:
 Like old stuff…Roy Orbison. New stuff like Fountains of Wayne, Oasis.

TMF: Tell us a bit about the new album. What do you particularly pride on from this album (as in lyrics, different sound, etc)?
CF Ethan: I think just as a package, I think it’s a collection of some pretty good songs.
CF Joe: It is good time rock’n’roll for this century.
CF Ethan: It’s fresh. It’s got a good vibe for 2005. Hopefully, it will be received well by others.

TMF: When you are on stage, is there any favorite song the band has that is the most fun to play?
CF Ethan: I think we all have our own favorites.
CF Joe: “Resign.”
CF Ethan: Joe’s is “Resign.” Mine tends to be “Friday Night.”

TMF: What are some of your thoughts running through your mind before your show and during the show?
CF Joe: Don’t mess up!
CF Ethan: Mostly, before the show it’s – my thoughts are to try to elevate my energy level and come out on stage like I came out of a canon.
CF Joe: I like being really quiet for some peace of mind.
CF Ethan: I like to do jumping jacks and things like that. Get a lot of hype going. And then, while I’m on stage, the only thing I am really thinking about is the audience and trying to please them and doing what it takes to get that done.

TMF: I saw that you guys have a ton of interactive features on the web site to keep the fans informed of how you’re doing, Tell us why and how you do this.
CF Joe: Our drummer, Joey, basically designed the website and – I don’t know. It’s just an important aspect to have interaction from the band to the fans so they can get on there and see video diaries to let em in on what’s going on.

TMF: When you were a kid, what was the first CD-or cassette that you could remember buying?
CF Joe: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.
CF Ethan: The first CD I ever bought myself was Green Day’s “Dookie.”
TMF: Have you seen them on their new tour yet?
CF Ethan: No, but I have wanted to because I like them more now than ever. I think that American Idiot is a really great record. I’ve wanted to see them but our schedule has not really allowed for that to happen.

TMF: Best concert you’ve ever been to?

CF Joe: Paul McCartney at the FleetCenter 2002. I was like in the 15th row.
CF Ethan: Mine would be Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers at the Tweeter Center in Boston in the summer of 2002. A runner-up would probably be Kiss at the same venue during the summer of 2004.

TMF: You guys have toured with artists this year that have been under intense media scrutiny, what lessons have you learned from touring with these individuals?
CF Ethan: To be honest, I don’t think we pay much attention to it. We just do our thing. It’s not like we are looking to them and trying to learn what not to do. We just do our thing and do it the best we can.

TMF: What’s the biggest misconception about your band?
CF Ethan: Probably, I mean I don’t know if I can say the biggest because I don’t know what people think that are misconceptions. But, a few that we’ve gotten are that we were put together like we’re an artificial thing – well there was somebody who thought we played to tracks, that was pretty funny.

TMF: Everyone has personal slang, can you give us an example of yours?
CF Joe:
 You speak in PA Dutch sometimes.
CF Ethan: I don’t know we have a lot of goofy phrases like…give me one Joe.
CF Joe: Like an Imrie House phase?
CF Ethan: Yeah.
CF Joe: The house we lived in, Imrie House, kinda developed its own slang. We would use the word, “jankz” to describe something good. So, if it was a good-looking girl or something, you’d be like “That’s good jankz.” Or, if it was a good hamburger that you had just ate, you’d be like “That’s good jankz.”
CF Ben: “I’d eat that jankz.”
CF Ethan: -Or like, “Birdman in a bush.” That is one of Ben’s lines.
CF Ben: It is kind of military for you gotta look out.
CF Ethan: Eric has his own way of talking. He has that thing he calls “bizarro.” I guess that’s it.

TMF: Album comes out August 16, any plans to celebrate the event?
CF Ethan: We were planning to throw the party of the century but that didn’t happen. It’s not gonna happen so…
CF Joe: We are waiting until next century.
CF Ethan: We’re gonna have a CD release party in Boston. We are gonna play a show and our record with our record company and our families and fans. And, shortly after, we drive to some ridiculous distance that night to play for the next day.

TMF: Do you have any closing remarks or anything you want to leave the readers with?
CF Joe: Have a good time.
CF Ethan: Have a good time all the time.