Growing up, I always had a fascination with history. Whether it was who shot John F. Kennedy (there was someone on the grassy knoll!) or the Royal family, it just interested me. One fascinating part of history that got me was the Salem Witch Trials.

Never in a million years did I think I would ever make it to Salem.

Thanks to seeing Nick Carter in Boston, we took a trip to Salem for the day, and it was one of my craziest dreams come true.

The drive from Boston to Salem was very scenic, passing through small towns outside of Boston while our Uber driver wouldn’t stop talking; I tried to take it all in. Everything was falling, with the crisp leaves and pumpkins still on front porches from Halloween two weeks before.

The Uber took us to the Salem Witch Trials Museum, but we were a bit early, so we went across the street to a park and waited until it was time for our tour. Fortunately, I knew a lot about the trials after doing several reports and term papers on the historical events in high school and college. But seeing the reactions of others who didn’t know much about it was interesting.

And I probably spent too much money in the gift shop, including buying my cat Maddie a collar.

After finding a restaurant for lunch, we found an old graveyard and the memorial for those killed during the Salem Witch Trials, which I had seen on “Who Do You Think You Are?” since Scott Foley’s ancestor was one of those killed. But it was so impressive to see in person and just be in the same vicinity of such historic events.

After that, we walked over to the Witch City Mall. Yes, the mall is named Witch City Mall. It’s tiny and doesn’t have any major stores, but some Salem merch stores have other witchy and Wiccan things. We visited a few stores and then took a little trip a few blocks away to see Samantha’s status from “Bewitched,” which was put up a few years ago.

I absolutely loved “Bewitched” as a kid, so seeing this in person was amazing.

After heading back to the mall for a few, we called an Uber to head back to Boston. I was sad because I loved it there. There was just something about Salem that I felt a part of. Maybe it’s because I always wanted to go there, see everything, and be apart of it.