It’s another eventful day in the world of Taylor Swift and her fans.

Taylor Swift tops Spotify’s 2023 Wrapped as the most-streamed global artist, beating out Bad Bunny who won the title for the last three years. Together, according to Spotify, Taylor had more than 26.1 billion streams across the world since the beginning of the year. She is also the top streamed artist in the US, beating out Morgan Wallen, Drake and Bad Bunny.

By the way, her boyfriend Travis Kelce and his brother Jason Kecle’s podcast, New Heights, is the top-streamed global sports podcast.

A few other tidbits are that when fans stream her music on Spotify, the progress bar will change colors to reflect the corresponding era color and the progress button will turn into a sparkle.

Some of Swift’s biggest fans will also receive a thank you message from her, as well as a special share card.

Not only that, Taylor has released a bonus track from “Midnights” that was not available on streaming before now. Now fans can stream “You’re Losing Me” anytime they want on all platforms!