“Will he perform or won’t he?” The question lingered in the minds of all the eager fans, clad in rain ponchos, seated with anticipation while some sought refuge in the concourse during the lightning storm. The atmosphere was charged, not just with electricity from the lightning above but also with the anticipation of over 85,000 fans awaiting Ed Sheeran’s live performance during his “Mathematics” tour stop in Denver.

Regrettably, the opening act by Khalid was cut short due to the adverse weather conditions.. I was really looking forward to seeing him perform his full set, but I guess I’ll save that for a non-rainy day. Five songs into Khalid’s performance, he was escorted off the stage, and fans were advised to take shelter until the severe weather subsided.

Nevertheless, the rain delay failed to dampen the spirits of Sheeran’s dedicated fans. Video screens frequently flashed updates from Ed, reassuring the audience of his presence at the stadium and his eagerness to grace the stage soon. When the weather finally cleared, Sheeran made his entrance just after 10 p.m., offering apologies for the delay but acknowledging that this might turn out to be the most memorable show of the tour due to the rain delay and the fans’ energy and anticipation.

Sheeran kicked off the set with fan favorites including “Tides,” “Blow,” “I’m a Mess” and “Shivers” before stirring up a frenzy with an singalong medley including “Don’t”, “No Diggity” by Blackstreet (which is pretty funny considering Sheeran was accused of stealing the melody from this song for his hit, “Shape of You”), and Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.”

Despite the performance taking place in a massive stadium setting like Empower Field at Mile High, Sheeran’s in-the-round, rotating turntable stage positioned in the middle of the field allowed every fan to enjoy an intimate and unobstructed view. The evening felt like a cozy gathering of close friends at a pub, with Sheeran expressing gratitude for the audience’s energy and patience, particularly in light of the weather delay.

The performance took fans on an emotional journey, reaching a poignant moment as Sheeran shared the backstory of the song “Eyes Closed,” dedicated to his recently departed best friend. His performance, dominated by hits from his mathematically themed albums, showcased his heartfelt storytelling and musical prowess. A notable highlight was “Galway Girl,” where Alicia Enstrom joined him, adding a fiddle to the Irish-inspired tune.

As the setlist delved deeper, Sheeran humorously teased that he was approaching the most recognizable songs, including the universally beloved “Thinking Out Loud.” A scan across the crowd revealed the joy and love this song brought, touching fans ranging from those who simply adored it to those who made it their wedding’s first dance.

Sheeran continued with unapologetic singalongs to songs like “Love Yourself,” “Perfect,” and “Photograph” and consistently radiating genuine joy in his performance. His positive energy left a lasting impression, cementing his status as a must-see performer.

Fans were also very pleased that the concert was not cut short. Sheeran extended his encore until around 12:15am. The night concluded with “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” “The Shape of You,” and “Bad Habits.”

In retrospect, Sheeran’s prediction came true – the Denver tour stop emerged as one of the best nights of the U.S. tour, making history as the largest attendance recorded concert at Empower Field at Mile High. For anyone contemplating seeing Sheeran live, don’t make it a “bad habit” to postpone; you’ll walk away believing this musician is indeed “perfect.”