Sure, you read the title and you think I’ve spent a month with the Jonas Brothers. It’s not really like that.

See, I’ve been a Jonas Brothers fan since around 2007. I was around 26-years-old. I think they were all in the teens, but I loved their music. I absolutely loved their “Jonas Brothers” album and once “A Little Bit Longer” came out, I was a huge fan.

But I always felt weird going to see them back then being older, being in college, etc. So I never went to see them. I was a fan from afar, watching them on the Disney Channel, buying their albums, watching them on YouTube. Their music kept me sane during college.

The photo above is when I was 28, in 2009, just before I graduated college. It was a project for my photojournalism class and a friend took this photo. It was supposed to show who we were. As you can see behind me, on the tackboard, is a photo of the Jonas Brothers. Actually on the bottom left corner is their Rolling Stone cover poster.

So after I graduated college and eventually moved to the Atlanta area, I was like, finally – I may be able to see the Jonas Brothers.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

When they broke up, I was devastated.

Happiness Begins

But, as we all know, Happiness Begins and the Jonas Brothers were back! And I got to see them from pit in 2019. I swore I would see them again.

Enter Covid.

After a horrible year last year with my Mom passing away, finding out that they were going on “The Tour,” i bought a ticket for Atlanta’s first show with my best friend Julia.. Then I found out they would be in Columbia, S.C., the day after Nick Carter. Nick’s show got cancelled and so I got a ticket for Columbia with my other best friend. Then, another Atlanta show 18 days after the first.

So, alas, my month with the Jonas Brothers – three shows in three weeks.

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The Tour

To start with, I only had one show – the October 1st show in Atlanta. My best friend Julia and I had really good seats at what I thought was on the left facing the stage. Turns on it was on the right, but that comes in later. We had VIP that we got to go into the little room and eat and take photos. That was really nice and reminded me of the Backstreet Boys’ set up in Las Vegas for their residency.

But to back up a little, the second Atlanta show was announced on October 18th, 18 days after the first show. I got a seat at the B stage, but ended up exchanging it when I realized how long the show was. I couldn’t stand for that long like that in pit. So because I thought we had Nick’s side of the stage for the first, I got the tip of the stage on Joe’s side.

Turns out, we had Joe’s side for both shows, but I’m not complaining.

Julia was not a Jonas Brothers fan, but can appreciate good music, especially from what could be considered a boy band. By the time she left the Atlanta show, she was a fan. She ended up getting a ticket for the second Atlanta show, although we weren’t sitting together.

So where did Columbia, SC. come in? Well, I was originally going there to see Nick Carter before the day before the Jonas Brothers. His show ended up being cancelled because of a stupid journalist who thought he should be working for TMZ, so my other best friend and I, Mara, decided to just do the Jonas Brothers. She liked the “Waffle House” song. Turns out, she knew about nine songs of theirs and I caught her singing during the show.

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In Columbia, I was slumming it, at least for my tastes. But the venue was so small, we had really good seats. My plan was to sit by the B stage so that I could see Joe sing “Shelf.” Turns out there was only one group of seats between the main stage and the B stage. It was fun to just sit back and enjoy the show without the worry that “oh my God, Joe might look at me.” LOL!

With a Nick Carter show in between, Julia and I ended up back at the show on the 18th in Atlanta where we somehow ended up back in the VIP lounge area even though we didn’t have tickets for it. We didn’t complain.

Now this is the closest that I have ever been to the Jonas Brothers.

See more photos from the October 18th show in Atlanta, Ga.

Since my mother passed away, I’ve seen artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and even The Cure, one of my favorite bands that I’d never seen before. But it wasn’t until this tour, that I felt like a little bit of happiness actually did begin. Singing back to Joe, Nick, and Kevin with our eyes locked made me happy. I never thought I would get to see these three guys in person, much less that close.

People laughed at me when I was younger when I was a fan, but if only they knew that these guys would still be killing it. They are at their peak right now. They have never performed better. Joe is in his element right now.

“Vacation Eyes” is a moment that everyone should experience at least once in their life. It’s a religious experience.

After the show on the 18th, the next week felt weird. I’d see Joe, Nick, and Kevin three weeks in a row. I’ve seen them more than family members since my Mom passed away. And there’s a part of me that is itching to see them again, but I can’t make any of their shows work.

I’m Karah. I’m 43 and I freakin’ love the Jonas Brothers.

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