Melanie C, the former Spice Girl who performed at Worthy Farm in the UK on Saturday, told BBC Radio 6 Music that she thinks all of the Spice Girls would love to play Glastonbury Festival one day.

“LIke I said to the audience during a couple of Spice Girls songs, ‘a bit of a warm-up for next year?” Melanie C said.

“They’re rehearsed, they know the words, they’re ready. So, if I can drag the other girls along … I say ‘drag’ the other girls along – all of the Spice Girls would like to play Glasto, that is the truth. It’s just getting it together, the timing being right.”

Melanie C. believes that Glastonbury has become more accepting of pop acts like the Spice Girls over the last few years.

“We had an incredible crowd and it just felt like such a privilege because I got a reaction like there were four of the Spice Girls next to me.”