You might be asking, “What’s a grimoire?” A grimoire is a spellbook/collection of magical knowledge you’ve acquired to help you stay alive. And the life lessons you’d typically find in a grimoire are exactly what Hilarie Burton Morgan shares in her latest book, “Grimoire Girl: Creating an Inheritance of Magic and Mischief.”

The book is more than just a collection of personal essays; it’s an invitation to tap into the magic hidden within everyday life. With her signature wit and charm, Burton Morgan weaves together charming anecdotes, advice, and practical “spells” that inspire readers to reflect on their lives and what legacy and lessons they want to leave behind after death. Hilarie’s character Peyton Sawyer of One Tree Hill would totally approve.

I’m a P. Sawyer fan, but I’ve been following Hilarie Burton Morgan’s career post-OTH, and she’s truly become one of my role models. I’m inspired by the courage she showed in speaking up against the toxic behaviors on set during the filming of the hit teen show and her ability to break free from being typecast. Burton Morgan has gone on to appear in several other TV series, including White Collar, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Walking Dead. Not only has she built a successful career, but she has also created a beautiful family with her husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

This book further solidifies her as a role model for me because of how she uses her influence to encourage others to reflect on their legacy and pay it forward by sharing wisdom. It’s empowering to see someone use their platform to make a positive impact, and Burton Morgan’s journey inspires me to consider my legacy and the ways I can contribute to a better world.

I honestly couldn’t put this book down because Burton Morgan’s voice is engaging and relatable, drawing readers into her memories and experiences with magic and mischief. “Grimoire Girl” offers a plethora of “spells” – not mystical incantations, but practical exercises designed to add a little more enchantment to your everyday life.  Whether it’s creating a personalized altar, weaving poetry spells, or embracing kitchen witchery, these small rituals guide readers in staying focused on what truly matters and warding off negativity. Hilarie reminds us of the undeniable power of words and the magical potential inherent in everyday objects, reminding us that even Grandma’s chicken noodle soup can work wonders!

“Grimoire Girl” is an inspiring read, perfect for anyone looking to infuse their life with a bit more magic.