As a fan of Taylor Swift since her debut single, “Tim McGraw,” I have been privileged to witness her evolution from singing songs about unrequited love in high school to powerful anthems about getting even. However, since she started dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, we have seen a new side of Taylor – the proud girlfriend.

Although Taylor has dated other celebrities, she was never very public about it. You’d only see paparazzi shots of them holding hands or a beach party where he wore an “I Heart TS” tank top. Her last relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn was so private that we barely saw them together.

Since being with Travis, we have been able to see a whole new side of Taylor. She has been proudly showing her support for her boyfriend by attending every game she can, decked out in the team’s colors, and wearing fan clothing and jewelry. But it’s not just any merchandise – she has had unique pieces made for herself and her new NFL BFF, Brittany Mahomes.

Today, Taylor was seen on the field with Travis’ family and friends, hugging and kissing him as she congratulated him on heading to his fourth Super Bowl. We saw the doting girlfriend, not the voice of our generation, as she walked with him to find his brother and then stood back and moved away so that Travis and Jason Kelce could have an emotional moment together.

She knew how important that was for not only him, but for Jason. She didn’t make it about her.

Nothing about attending Travis’ games has been about her – it’s all about him.

What’s refreshing about seeing Taylor in this light is that she is just an average thirty-something woman supporting her boyfriend. She has not tried to become the center of attention, and she has been there for Travis in his best moments. In fact, Travis is proud to stand by her side and hold her hand, something that Taylor has longed for in past relationships.

I, for one, am happy to see Taylor in a happy and healthy relationship. While I love her music and watching her perform, it’s nice to see her being just a regular person in love.

She has finally found her endgame, and his name is Travis Kelce.