Calling all Wizards of Waverly Place fans! Get ready to wave your wands and cast some spells because the Russo family is back! That’s right, Disney Branded Television has just given the green light for a pilot of the magical series sequel! 🎉🧙‍♂️

Executive produced by the beloved original stars Selena Gomez and David Henrie, the Wizards of Waverly Place sequel will take us on a thrilling journey back into the mystical world we all fell in love with. Selena Gomez will be reprising her role as the spunky Alex Russo, while David Henrie will be a series regular as the ever-charming Justin Russo. Joining the cast are new members Janice LeAnn Brown, Alkaio Thiele, and Mimi Gianopulos, who will bring a fresh wave of wizardry to the mix.

The narrative picks up after a mysterious incident at WizTech, with adult Justin Russo bidding farewell to his wizard powers and embracing a normal, human life with his wife and two sons. However, destiny takes an unexpected turn when a powerful young wizard seeks training, and Justin must confront his past to safeguard the Wizard World’s future.

Janice LeAnn Brown, who portrays the central character of Billie, is the powerful young wizard Justin takes under his wing. Alkaio Thiele steps into the role of Roman Russo, Justin’s oldest son, while Mimi Gianopulos plays Justin’s wife, Giada. The pilot is backed by the expertise of Gary Marsh and Andy Fickman, who will also serve as executive producers, with Fickman directing.

For fans of the original series that ran from 2007-2012, this revival is a dream come true. Created by Todd J. Greenwald, the show followed the Russo family as they navigated the challenges of adolescence while mastering their magical abilities. The cast, including Jake T. Austin, Jennifer Stone, Maria Canals-Barrera, and David DeLuise, reunited for the TV special The Wizards Return: Alex Vs. Alex in 2013.

This Wizards of Waverly Place sequel is poised to reignite the enchantment that captivated audiences worldwide. So, get ready to embark on a new adventure with the Russo family and rediscover the wonder of Wizards of Waverly Place! 🌟✨