Adam Devine, you know, the guy from “Workaholics” and Fat Amy’s love interest in the “Pitch Perfect” movies, stars in the movie and I think it shows him at his best.

Sure, he’s funny and sarcastic, which is awesome, but this shows another side of him – a dude in l-o-v-e.

Adam plays a guy named Noah, who meets a girl three years before and falls in love, but she meets a guy the next day and falls in love and he sits back and watches it all…. until some small twist of fate happens and he figures out how to go back in time to that same very day and try to do it all differently.

And then he keeps doing it differently until he almost screws it all up and realizes something in the process.

It got to me a bit because sometimes I’ve wondered about that same very thing. If I could go back to this one moment in eight grade, would things be different? Would I be the same person I am now?

This is crap I think about and this movie made me think about it.

I give it 88% out of 100%.